“Population and Environment” – the special topic of the EPC 2010 – is relevant for both the scientific programme and the technical arrangements. We want to make the EPC 2010 as environmentally and climate friendly as possible.

Below, please find a brief summary of our activities. We shall keep you updated on new initiatives.

Responsible Use of Resources – Reduction of CO2 Emissions – CO2 Compensation

Online promotion: In order to save resources, the EPC 2010 was mainly advertised online. We printed only a small number of posters and calls for abstracts.

Environmentally friendly printing of flyers, posters and conference book: All materials printed for the EPC 2010 meet the high standards of the “Austrian Ecolabel” awarded by the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (this includes the use of environmentally friendly paper and printing colours as well as an energy-efficient and healthy printing process).

Austrian Ecolabel

Responsible food management: We pay special attention to the following criteria: preference for fair trade, organic, regional, seasonal products, more vegetarian food and less meat in order to reduce transport and CO2 emissions.

Conference bags are made of fair trade, organic cotton. We invite you to reuse your bag after the conference.

Information material: Items such as pens, notepads and/or city maps that might not be needed by all participants will be offered at various spots at the conference venue instead of putting them into the conference bags.

Reuse: Badges will be collected at the end of the conference and reused at subsequent events.

The conference location is right in the city centre and can easily be reached by public transport. As all sessions are held in one building, you do not need transportation to get to your sessions. Moreover, you will find many restaurants and shops within walking distance of our conference venue.

Eco-friendly hotels: We encourage you to choose a hotel certified as eco-friendly by the Austrian Ecolabel awarded by the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. Eco-friendly hotels are marked in the list of hotels offered in the “Accommodation” section.

Carbon offset: We want to avoid emissions wherever possible and plan to compensate the remaining ones in order to make the EPC 2010 a carbon-neutral event. We count on your support and collaboration to reach this aim and encourage you to compensate the CO2 emissions caused by your travel to and from the conference. Budget-permitting, the organisers will compensate the remaining CO2 emissions caused by the EPC 2010. This will be done in collaboration with an officially acknowledged NGO specialising on environmental issues.

EPC2010 | Local organiser: VID | Wohllebengasse 12-14, 1040 Vienna, Austria | e-mail: epc2010@oeaw.ac.at